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Subsidence Analysis, Remediation & Mitigation.

Laboratory Testing

We offer both In-Situ and In-House Lab Testing.

Project Bulletins

Latest findings from MEA's projects.

Core Drilling

Borehole Camera Radar
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Geotechnical Engineering

With an experienced staff and in-house laboratory, MEA provides a full range of geotechnical (soil and rock) engineering services.

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Forensic Engineering

Our geotechnical engineering experts provide forensic and litigation support services to clients and their attorneys.

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Mines & Sinkholes

MEA provides a full scope of services to clients with undermined sites across the country.


Marino Engineering Associates

With over 35 years of experience, MEA’s staff has provided services across the entire scope of geotechnical engineering and mine subsidence engineering. MEA provides geotechnical services to supportive design of various shallow and deep foundation systems, and all types of retaining structures by a structural engineer, as well as numerical (Finite Element) 2D and 3D seepage, and soil-structure interaction analyses, sophisticated slope stability analyses, and rock engineering.

In the areas of mining and subsidence engineering, MEA has serviced over 100 major mining projects, site subsidence studies, mine stability design and failure analyses. In addition, MEA has worked extensively in the areas of prediction of subsidence displacement and damage potential, subsidence inspection, and grout design and monitoring for stabilizing mine voids. Being foremost in this field, MEA’s staff has authored over 90 publications on related topics and has worked in coal fields across the U.S. »

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Gennaro G. Marino, Ph.D., P.E., D.GE President
Dr. Marino is among the nation's top experts in subsidence engineering. With over 33 years of experience, he has been a lead consultant on more difficult mining and geotechnical engineering related projects throughout the United States.

Project Investigation Bulletins

Issue #37

500 Ft. Assembly Platform on Concrete Piers Heaves

Shortly after construction, a new manufacturing plant was having trouble controlling the tolerances on the production machinery. »

Issue #36

Moisture Softening Effects on Mine Floors

An under-appreciated condition in the stability of room-and-pillar coal mines is the... »

Issue #35

Hydrological Impacts on an Underground Abandoned Coal Mine

There is a long history of coal mining in a town in the Midwest. In fact the coal mine, which... »

Events & News

September 2016

Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers 2016 Conference

Mine Subsidence Engineering: An Overview, Dealing with Construction over Subsidence-Prone Karst Terrain »

November 2016

2016 Joint Engineers Conference

Mine Subsidence Engineering: An Overview »